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End your struggle.  Get your life back.  And live...


SMART Recovery has helped millions of people overcome their addictions and lead happy, healthy lives for over 25 years.  Our mutual support meetings work for anyone struggling to stop, and ready to change.  Stigma-free, self-directed and based on self-empowerment, not powerlessness.

Locate a fully vetted pre-qualified In-Patient or Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) Facility 

that offers SMART Recovery Meetings as an alternative or supplement to 12-Steps.

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Need personal attention? No problem.
Please fill out this form and we'll get in touch to help you find a SMART Recovery-vetted In-Patient or Out-Patient Facility that's right for you.

Pick up a copy of the book that you will use during your SMART Recovery meetings in rehab.


STOP your addiction from sabotaging your career, your relationships, your health, and your LIFE.  These quick, easy-to-use tools and worksheets will get you unstuck and moving forward with a self-directed, self-paced PLAN to overcome urges, manage your thoughts and feelings, change your problematic behaviors, and live a fully balanced life.

Find a SMART Partner® in Your Area

SMART Recovery Partners are fully-trained and certified SMART Recovery Meeting Facilitators who can help you stay on track on your recovery and are available to work with you one-on-one via an online Telehealth application, for up to 2 hours a month for FREE.

SMART Partners can provide guidance, accountability, and motivation when you most need it. SMART Recovery Partners frequently have the lived experience of addiction themselves, so they understand exactly where you've been, where you are, and how to get to that place where you're the best possible version of yourself.

Hear our rehab success stories...

"SMART Recovery made possible for me the once impossible idea of being clean and happy.

I'm forever grateful to have learned the tools to take back control of my life.  And SAVE my life."

- grahammon80

"I was tired of being told I was powerless. I'm not. I can make better choices now.

SMART Recovery helped me develop a plan to get where I needed to get."

- XYZsobergirl

"Everybody told me my options were limited. Now I know that's not true. SMART helped

me realize that my recovery journey is unique to me, and I'm 100% in charge of it."


"I thought nothing would work for me.  SMART Recovery showed me how my own

THOUGHTS were my biggest problem!  The SMART Handbook exercises really helped me

break it all down and look at my challenges from a more positive perspective."



Fentanyl Overdose Deaths to Date in 2022
(Updated Hourly)
Source: CDC Website

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